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goldbut1.gif (496 bytes)  Just who is the  Gang of Pour anyway?

Winery Features

goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Acorn Winery
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Archery Summit
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Au Bon Climat
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Belle Pente (Oregon)  
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Robert Biale Vineyards
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Bodegas Aragonesas
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Burgess Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Carlisle Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Cave Spring Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Chappellet
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Chehalem (Oregon)
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) D-Cubed Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Dashe Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Domaine Drouhin
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Domaine Serene
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Etude & Soter Vineyards
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Flowers Vineyard and Winery 1999
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Flowers Vineyard and Winery 2000
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Gaja
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Galleron Signature Wines
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Havens Wine Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Ladera Vineyards
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Landmark Vineyards
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Daniel Lenko Estate Winery
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Loring Wine Co.
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Pax Mahle
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Malivoire Wine Company
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Masi
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Mount Eden Vineyards
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Qup
é Wine Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Saddleback Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Salamandre Wine Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Scott Paul Wines
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) 
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Storrs Winery
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Syren Vineyards
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Sean Thackrey
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Thunder Mountain
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Triple Overtime Wine Company
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Wyncroft

Tasting Notes from the Underground
News and reviews from outside the enchilada

goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Underground Index
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Bastardo's Tasting Notes
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Red Wings and Red Rhones
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) The Archives

Features and Tasting Notes:

goldbut.gif (496 bytes) George Heritier
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Alan Kerr
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Brad Baker
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Larry Meehan
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Bennett Traub
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Putnam Weekley


goldbut.gif (496 bytes) 2004 Marche' Vins de Côte Rôtie Ampuis 
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Spinning in Zinfinity Again - ZAP 2003
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Daze of Wine and Road Trips
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Ridgestock - 3 days of wine food and friends in Sonapanoma
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) School's Out!!  Road Trip 2001
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Hospice du Rhône 2000
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  On the Road to Gang of Pour - time to hit the pinot trail
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) The Gang gets ZAPPED at ZAP '99  
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Aris Francisco's Family Reunion Cab blowout!
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Left Coast Diary:Meeting Allan Bree, califusa
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) "UNLEASHED! Wine Country Here We Come"Gangsters
     Blast Through Sonoma and Napa


goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Moe Fest 2004-Laurel Glen and Hirsch Pinots in Cinci
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Harmonic Wine Convergence in Toledo Year Five
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Geezers and Northern Rhône All Stars in the Land of Cleve 
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Wines With Blackout and Other Earthly Delights
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Oh, Canada Wine Dinner
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Good Friends, Good Food and 5 '89 Bordeauxs
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Don't cry for us, Argentina! - goin' gaucho at Casa Goldberg
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Meatfest 2002 - grillin' and a-swillin'

goldbut.gif (496 bytes)A Rare and Special Burgundy
(and other earthly delights)
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) 10 Mags of Siduri 
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Wine Spectator 2001 Top 10 Tasting
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Wine Spectator 2000 Top 10 Tasting
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Red Necks and Red Rhones
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)The Cleve Tastings
(Super Tuscans & Pinot Noir)
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Napa Confidential -
A Day at Chateau Montelena
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Jon Cook's Sine Qua Nons
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Summer 2000, Travel, Friends, MoCool and More...
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Bring a Bottle of Your Best Bash in Lansing, Michigan 
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)Wines From the Lost Vineyards or A Walk through Park

goldbut.gif (496 bytes) A Gang of Pour reunion with Chateau Gruaud-Larose
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Chicago Off-line: 12 Monster Aussies and more...
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Some Fine Clarets as Frank Rodriguez Meets the Gang
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) We will always have Toledo Year One
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) We will always have Toledo Year Two
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) We will always have Toledo Year Three

goldbut.gif (496 bytes) 
We will always have Toledo Year Four
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Califusa's Jimsomare Tasting
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Califusa's Verticals of Ridge Pagani & Alegria
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Bob Wood's Oregon Off-Line
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Memorable Michigan Off-line
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) The Overborg and his vertical of Dominus
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) 1st Annual Fodera-Biancamano SangioveseTasting
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Ridge ATP Selections
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Dominus Dominates
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) 12 Syrahs from Around the World
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) The Flower Party and the Varieties of the
  Sauvignon Experience

goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Brad Harrington's Off-line at ZAP 99
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Russell Bevan's Off-line at ZAP 99
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Hangin' With the Gang From the Wine Boards
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Hangin' With The Gang From The Wine Boards

goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Spinning in Zinfinity
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Mo'Cool 00 - Below the Belt
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Mo'Cool 99 - Hail That Cab!
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Mo'Cool 98 - Anything But California (ABC)
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Mo'Cool '97 - Mediterranean Madness


goldbut.gif (496 bytes) GOP Photo Gallery - "It's the People, Stupid! Ok, It's the
 Wines Too!
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Diary... uh, of the mind - Grab a glass of wine and let's go surfing
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) How to make vinegar with leftover wine
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) 
French Wine Appreciation Survey: with a twist!
goldbut.gif (496 bytes)  Dispatch from the Left Coast   - The first fever dream
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Bacchus and the Overborg  -  The second fever dream
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Dispatch from Sonapanoma  -  The third fever dream
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) The Legend of “Smoot” Hawley - A dream of another kind completely

Early Gang of Pour

goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Four Châteauneufs and a Gigondas  
 The Gang Takes on the Southern Rhônes
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Rioja And Ruy Lopez   
 A Taste of Spanish Riojas with the Spanish Game
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) The Road to Gang O' Pour   
 An International Lineup of Reds Meets an International
 Cast of Tasters
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Snapshots From the Road" to Gang O’ Pour:  
  Further Conversations with Mr. Ridge
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Battle of the '94 Chardonnays
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Open Letter to the "Gang" from Bastardo
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Two Beauties from the Southern Rhone
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Three Nice '93 Cabs
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) Super Bowl
goldbut.gif (496 bytes) N-JAT "Not just another tasting"



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