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Dispatch from the Left Coast
Day One
By:  Bastardo

The drugs started to take hold somewhere over Barstow.

The Director and this taster stayed up until the wee hours of the morning drinking heavily; Silex, Caymoose, Mr. Ridge...

Fortunately, Dolphin Girl had the good sense to turn in early, or we'd never have made our flight.

Unfortunately, this taster made the mistake of ordering a Dinglenook Ruddy Chablis to wash down the cardboard that is passed off as food on most airlines. A fistful of Benadryl and Tylenol 3 arrested the vomiting and moaning just as The Director was about to deliver a forearm shiver upside my head.

The last thing I remember was a giant root louse crawling down the aisle towards me. I screamed, then it all went black.

Day 1 of our vacation was a total wash-out. I woke up this morning in the kennel with Bree's attack Dobermans, who kept their distance, eyeing me suspiciously and growling softly. My clothes had to be incinerated because of my mess, not theirs.

Bree himself is sullen and uncommunicative. I neglected to bring him the cache of '96 Rodent Ridge Puxatawny Muskrat Rouge that I promised him, and he's not a happy camper. Sue was somewhat sympathetic, however, and showed me to the computer, where I just located some of the same wine on the Collecting Board, IN THE SOUTH BAY AREA!!!

Off to try to score this and make my amends to our host. Then on to visit Milan.

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