The 1st Annual

Cal-Italia Tasting

Storyline by Bastardo

The Ringer Bottle


The Gang of Pour held the 1st Annual Fodera-Biancamano Cal-Italia Tasting on Wednesday, May 12, 1999 at Chateau Doughnut, in honor of those two tireless champions of the Californian expression of the Italian varietals, JFO and Jamie B. We’d collected four ’96 Sangioveses from various producers in the Golden State, plus a couple of ringers and an example from an earlier vintage. In attendance were Mark and Teresa Overberg (the Bored Doughnuts) and their friend Sarah, Chris Gross (Moe Vedre), Mike Brenton (Zinvocate), Kim Adams (The Director), Dennis Strzalkowski,  and this taster.

We began the festivities with a glass of pink stuff that the ‘deauxnut poured for us.