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George Heritier

George Heritier
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Wines with Blackout

Wines with Larry and Mike

MoCool 2003

A Taste of Chile

Tasting South Africa

Wines with califusa



tís news to no one that the Great Blackout of 2003 was unprecedented in recorded history, with the power to 50 million people over much of the northeastern North American continent seemingly being snuffed out as effortlessly as blowing out the candles of an eight year oldís birthday cake. It was a bizarre predicament for Ameri-Canadians used to the consume and dispose, instant gratification culture that so many take for granted, but most everyone survived the ordeal, suffering only minor deprivations. Still, while our civic leaders and news hounds keep telling us how well we all got along and how much we all helped each other, I can't help but think that with a few more days of heat and no power, those same good Samaritans would have devolved into raving vigilantes and savage gangs, roaming the darkened, narcoleptic streets, looking for an angry young Zin.
Fortunately, weíll never know what might have happened, since here in Day-twah, we were only without juice for about 28 or 29 hours. And just as fortunately, these tasters had plenty of juice of another kind to get us through the calamity, and we didnít hesitate to partake in copious quantities.

All this gives rise to the one question that will be asked again and again in coming years: what were YOU drinking when the power went off?

Here's what WE were drinking when the power went off.


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