The Gang of Pour

Two decidedly different (though somewhat similar) '93 Pinot Noirs

1993 Etude Pinot Noir Carneros
1993 Domaine Vincent Girardin Santenay
    Chateau de la Charriere "Les Gravieres"

Greetings Gang:

Tasted these two interesting pinots recently with Madame L'Pour (The Director, my Director). The Etude was opened to provide a contrast to the Santenay. It had a beautiful, rich garnet color, with a just smidgen of ink. This medium full bodied wine is like plush velvet in the mouth. It exhibited warm smoky plum and black cherry flavors and aromas, with a nice touch of sweet oak, and a long finish.

We tried the Santenay, based on a taste from Elie. To paraphrase the Geek, it tasted like black cherry cough medicine, but, it was REALLY GOOD black cherry cough medicine! Medium bodied, with an opaque ruby color, it was dominated by lots of sweet oak, both in the nose and the mouth; however, there wasn't the overt vanilla flavors that manifest themselves in new world styles.There was vanilla, to be sure, but it was rounder, and more supple, with an almost candied essence The finish was reasonably long, with a little earth underneath it all.

While we felt that the Etude had more depth and structure, at least now, the Burgundy should show better a few years down the road, as the oak softens and becomes more integrated. Still, it is very enjoyable now, for its "fruit bomb" qualities.

Interestingly, I poured myself glasses of both, and sipped them alternately for over two hours, comparing. Despite their strikingly different characteristics, there was something in the sweet oak in each that seemed to resonate harmoniously with the other. Their flavors never clashed, nor did one seem markedly inferior to the other. All in all, two very enjoyable pinot noirs; wish you could have joined us.



...and, we never spit!


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