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works at Cloverleaf Wine and Spirits, a retail store in a suburban Detroit strip mall. These are his favorites of things: red grape variety, Xynomavro; white grape variety, Chardonnay; wine region, Jasnieres; vineyard, Peay; age for Pineau díAunis vines, 87; wine maker, Jean Foillard; wine illustrator, Charles Martin; beer, Mahrís Hell; wine blog, http://www.wineoffensive.com/; restaurant, La Tapatia on W. Vernor; wine writer, Jim Harrison; wine importer, LDM; hot sauce, El Yucateco; egg farm, Garden Patch Farm; vegetable farm, Maple Creek Farm; beef farmer, Elmer Slabaugh; pizza, Tomatoes Apizza (New Haven Style).

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  2006 Top 100 - Yeah, But Can You Drink It?

  Tasting Denotes

  Winetrack: Detroit

  2005 Top 100 - Yeah, But Can You Drink It?

  Diversity: A Response To A Skeptical Reader

  All Drinks Considered

  October 2005: Drinks: A Listed Look At Liquids

  September 2005: Diverse Bourgogne

  August 2005: Wine and Money: How Much Is This Wine Worth?

June 2005: Joe Dressner: Antistylist

May 2005:  Free Trade:  I Know It When I See It

April 2005: Jonathan Nossiter's Mondovino

March 2005: Tackling Wine Atheism

January 2005: Clos de los Siete

December 2004: Top 100 Drinks - 2004

November 2004: Jargon Busting and Canada has Dugat-Py, but...

October 2004: The Archaeology of a Tasting Note

September 2004: Waiter, may I have a glass of Kermit Lynch?


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