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1995 Beringer Napa Chardonnay

Our aperitif for the evening's festivities; it enhanced Puccini, rather than pregame cliches. While showing typical Beringer chardonnay characteristics (apple, melon, pineapple, with spicy, toasty oak), it seemed to fall just a bit short of last year's effort, at least in this taster's opinion. But, then, last year's effort was Number 73 on WS' Top 100. Still, this is a minor criticism; "O Mio Babbino Caro" seemed all the sweeter, for the taste of this fine wine.

1989 Ch. Cantemerle & 1991 Meerlust Cabernet Sauvignon:

These wines were enjoyed in a spontaneous tasting by some of our members, while critiquing the new batch of commercials that prop up an overblown football game.

The Cantemerle showed an almost Rhone-like quality, with a nose of chocolate and plum that echoed in the flavors, along with a nice hint of leather. Though not as silky as some, this is still a fine, fine Bordeaux, that will improve for some time.

The Meerlust, while clearly not in the same league, was enjoyable, nevertheless. The initial impression of bellpeppers gave way to rich, dark black cherries, in both the nose and mouth, along with a hint of earth in the flavor. However, there seemed to be something something slightly unbalanced in the over- all package; it seemed not quite round, for lack of a better term. It could also age for a few more years, so maybe it will even out. Still, both wines were much better than the commercials or the game.

... both wines were much better than the commercials or the game.


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