. . .commitment to quality is evident when tasting the Moira Vineyard Chardonnay. At $35.95 Can, or roughly $1.00 U.S. it is on the higher end of pricing for Ontario wines but worth every cent.


Malivoire EntranceAs we pulled up the driveway, Martin Malivoire was waiting at the doorway, eager to play host. Malivoire is a totally gravity fed venture. The tasting room is elegantly designed and blends in well with the core of the winery in the background. Close attention is paid to all details to produce the finest wine possible. Malivoire’s commitment to the environment forbids the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the property. The vineyards are home to over a quarter of a million ladybugs that earn their keep by keeping control of the grapevine leafhopper population, and have earned the honour of having their picture adorn the Malivoire label.

Martin MalivoireAlthough Malivoire (left) is passionate about his wines, the Bench and his perseverance to produce the best possible product, he is a very humble and laid back individual. He has traveled extensively in Europe where he gained knowledge and the inspiration to make his wines. He fondly refers to the Bench as the Grand Cru of Niagara because he feels the soil, drainage, airflow and other meso-climactic factors combine to produce perfect fruit.

Malivoire made his first estate wines from the vineyard he had purchased in 1995. He figured the parcel of Gewürztraminer in the vineyard showed incredible promise, demonstrating unusual intensity and depth. I have tasted this Alsatian styled wine on previous visits but sadly, at least for us, the current vintage has totally sold out.

The estate vineyards are comprised of two properties, approximately one kilometer apart on the Bench. The "Moira" Vineyard, acquired first, is now planted to Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. With the addition of a second vineyard in 1997 (where the winery was built), Malivoire added Chardonnay Musqué and Gamay to his list.

The bench drops about thirty feet, which is ideal for the gravity-enhanced winery to function. There are in all seven levels to the building, allowing wines to be produced entirely without pumping. This commitment to quality is evident when tasting the Moira Vineyard Chardonnay. At $35.95 Can, or roughly $1.00 U.S., it is on the higher end of pricing for Ontario wines but worth every cent. Gamay and Pinot work together to produce the lovely summer sipping " Ladybug", a rich and full flavoured rosé. Tasting the ‘98 and ‘99 Old Vine Foch together was a treat, and both will benefit from short term cellaring.

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A standard Canadian wine bottle is the same size as its Californian counterpart.

"How many miles are we away from the next winery?" can be heard approximately 1.6 more times in metric.

Those little finger freezing Riesling pellets harvested for ice wine are just as freakin' cold whether picked in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

There are four hundred and fifty three grams in a pound. Therefore 453.6 graham crackers = 1 pound cake

One American greenback is worth a considerably more in Canadian dollars. Kim’s philosophy on conversion rates is simple. It makes no difference if something is priced at $9.00 or $90.00 in Canadian bucks; it all converts to a single U.S dollar bill anyway.

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