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George Heritier
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A while back, a couple of calls went out over the virtual grapevine to the Toledo contingent and other select and esteemed online winos…

From the Desk of Chairman Moe Vedre, aka Chris Gross, 4/29/04:

Moe Vedre his own self How about an offline in Cincinnati in July? We would love to host, and right now, the weekends of July 10, 17, and 24 are wide open! I understand that there are some owners of Hirsch Vineyard Pinots that are anxious to open their bottles among friends to see how they taste! 

Please advise if a) you are interested; b) which weekend(s) works best; which weekend is absolutely no good; c) you got Chave!! We could get started on Friday night, and have the "big event" on Saturday. The Chairman's cellar is open for selection. No bottle is too sacred.


From the desk of Mark Horvatich, 7/1/04:

Smile, Blackie!
John and Trinka Blackwood, with Mark Horvatich

I was planning to bring along a bunch of Siduri Hirsch pinot (I think I own them all!), if I know what everyone else is bringing I can fill in the holes so we can have a complete 1995-2002 vertical.

I think Friday evening will be a good excuse to dig into my stash of Laurel Glen. I'll provide an '86 and '91, anyone else interested in an impromptu vertical?


There were a plethora of other messages passed back and forth among the crew, as plans and reservations were made. As for Kim and this taster, the last time we visited Chairman and Mrs. Moe's, we had a fabulous time. Add to that the almost narcotic thrall and allure of Hirsch Vineyard Pinots and Laurel Glen Cabs, and it was simply too much to ignore. What were a couple of Gangsters to do?

Can you say R.S.V.P., boys and girls? 

"Backroads" Bog We made our reservations early, and, indeed, most of the usual suspects* attended, along with the likes of Parker pal "Florida Jim" Cowan, Colonel Bob Cuozzi, "Backroad Bob" Summers (right), Scott and Mary Cardone and that most cavalier of California Pinot Noir-makers, Brian Loring

Everyone expected a marvelous weekend, and no one went home disappointed. If anything, expectations were exceeded. Read on for a taste by taste rundown on much (but by no means all) of what was opened

*(Mary and Larry Meehan, Amy McClellan and Jeff Faunce, Pam and Jeff Gillikin, Tim Thomas, Bob "Ice Cream Man" Graeter, John Blackwood, who was joined by better half Trinka on Saturday, Mark Horvatich, and of course, Kim Adams and this taster.)


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