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Portland, Oregon:
Double J's Old Hill Ranch Roundup

Cristom Vineyards

Ann Arbor, Michigan
MoCool 2001

Ogier Tasting

Cleveland, Ohio
Larry & Mary Meehan

North Carolina:
Greg Ellis, High Point

Jim Cowan, Banner Elk

Day-Twah (Detroit), Michigan  

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It was a weird summer. I spent most of it wrestling with radicals, variables and exponents, and there was very little in the way of wine related extracurricular activities. Even the sudden appearance of three feline waifs in the bushes  couldn’t quite dispel the mean funk brought about by Algebra, and less than twenty-four hours after taking the final exam, I was on a plane bound for Portland, Oregon, to spend some quality time with Dolphin Girl (my daughter, Rosie).

And so began fourteen days of non-stop activity, much of it splashed liberally with vinous perfume, both Draper-esque and otherwise. My week in Portland included a visit to Cristom Vineyards and participation in a vertical tasting of Ravenswood Old Hill Ranch Zinfandels, hosted by John Jenness.

Then it was back to Day-twah, where I joined my wife, Kim Adams, and califusa for the 10th Annual MoCool festivities, attending the Saturday BYO BBQ and an incredible vertical tasting of 14 Ogier Cote Roties on Sunday. Immediately following that event, we hit the highway to Cleveland, for an evening of food, wine and music with the Meehans, Larry, Mary and little Larry.

The following morning found us on the road again, headed to North Carolina for visits with Gang contributors Greg Ellis AKA Vin Pays Doc and "Florida" Jim Cowan. You'd think that one would find a bowl of grits traveling through this neck of the woods...

Finally, back in Day-twah, califusa treated us to not only his wonderful cooking, but also three examples of the finest Pinot Noir the Russian River Valley has to offer and one of the best Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons of the '80s. 

Adventures in good wine were definitely had during this fast-paced two weeks. Peruse the menu to your left to check out all of the gory details.


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