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Tasting Notes

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MoCool 2002

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Old Hill Ranch Revisited

Flotsam and Jetsam 

tís become something of a tradition now. Mr. Bree shows up in mid-August to assist Chef Kerr with the culinary preparations for MoCool, and we somehow find ourselves embroigled in various vinous sideshows and road trips. It was no different this year, as we first returned to Ontario for another round of touring the Beamsville Bench and Niagara. Next, it was back to Day-twah, and then the MoCool festivities, where we explored the varieties of the Pinot experience. After a break from the action, we headed south to Cincinnati to join our Midwestern bredrens at the home of Chris (AKA Moe Vedre) and Cathy Gross for a bevy of pre-Red Wings RhŰnes and more. Finally, it was back home yet again for another encounter with Frank Joyce, Mary Ann Barnett and charter Gangster Lowell Boileau, as we updated our notes on 7 vintages of Ravenswood Old Hill Ranch Zinfandel.

And of course, there were various other delectables sampled on nights when nothing special was on our agenda, other than good friends enjoying good wine and good food. Itís all here, so jump right in. And donít forget to drink plenty of water!


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