The Gang of Pour

Two Beauties From The Southern Rhone

1995 Domaine d'Andézon Côtes du Rhône
1993 Domaine Santa Duc Gigondas

After searching for three months, I'd finally located a cache of the 1995 Domaine d'Andézon Côtes du Rhône that I'd read so much about, for $10.99, from a local merchant. I took one home, and had given it an hour to breath, when The Geek arrived, bearing gifts, including a bottle of 1993 Domaine Santa Duc Gigondas. (I almost bit on this one earlier, for $16.99; I'd also dreamt about the wines of Gigondas the night before. Does a mystical psychic bond exist between members of The Gang of Pour?)

After decanting the Gigondas, we tasted the d'Andézon, and, it more than lived up to its reputation. The color was a deep garnet. It was medium full bodied, and exhibited rich, warm flavors and aromas of plums and prunes (lots of syrah in this one), with a touch of white chocolate, and a hint of earth on the finish. The Director summed up our mutual appreciation in a word, "delicious."

We then tasted the Santa Duc, and, though tannic, with fairly high alcohol (14%), it was gorgeous. The Geek described the nose as having "a pleasant stench; " I counted perfumed cola, black cherry, spicy brown sugar, and floral elements among its aromatic charms. The complex flavors matched, and continued to open over the next several hours, revealing the most delightful Gigondas this taster has had the pleasure of enjoying, to date. Give this one another two to five years to resolve its tannins.

Oh, and by the way, The Geek never spilled!

Does a mystical psychic bond exist between members of The Gang of Pour?


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