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October 2009
Available At Your
Friendly Neighborhood Retailer

September 2009
New Wines from Wyncroft & more
Some Bubbles & 2 Roses

August 2009
Hangin' with the Gang: Black Bags & Bloody Brill!!

July 2009
Recent Rhônes & Rhône Rangers
Tasting the Wares of U.S. Wine Imports

June 2009
More Wine with Friends
Six New Wines From Bonny Doon

Building a Better Wine List: Part 1
Building a Better Wine List: Part 2

May 2009
Wine With Malware
Rosé Olé!
Red Wings & Red Rhônes
Playoff Diary 2009-Round 1

April 2009
More Holiday Hijinx with Mr. Ridge (and Ravenswood too!)
More Red Wings & Red Rhônes 2009

Kermit Lynch's Traveling Road show

March 2009
2 Late Model Cornerstone Cabs
Cono Sur 2008
A QPR Rave~Up
The Wines of Charles Hendricks
Francophilia 2009

February 2009
Wines of Distinction from Madiran, Bordeaux & more
The Wines of Terra Andina
Wine with Friends
Recent Wines from California

January 2009
Mostly Masi Redux
Red Wings & Red Rhônes 2009: Côtes du Rhône-down
Brad Baker: Champagne Warrior!!!
Holiday Hi-jinx with Mister Ridge and more…

December 2008
Red Wings & Red Rhônes 2008-09
"Breakfast" Wines from Chile and Argentina

November 2008
A Hattrick in Triple Overtime Redux:
Recent Wines from Igor Larionov
Samples Up the Waz!

October 2008
Fall Fest~The Cleve~2008
It’s All Good!

September 2008
A Southern Rhone Wine Dinner
Finding Hidden Bench
8 from Cono Sur

August 2008
10 from Arcadian
Four from Cos d'Estournel
New Rieslings from Chateau Grand Traverse & more…

July 2008
Colorado Dreaming
Not So Random Samples: 6 From Cameron Hughes
All the Notes That Fit

June 2008
Red Wings and Red Rhônes
Playoff Diary 2008
21 ’06 Burgs – 2nd Day Air

May 2008

Red Wings and Red Rhônes
Playoff Diary 2008-Round 3

Red Wings and Red Rhônes
Playoff Diary 2008-Round 2

April 2008
Red Wings and Red Rhônes
Playoff Diary 2008-Round 1

Old Friends-New Vintages

March 2008
14 from Vietti

February 2008
This & That
Brian Loring Comes to Town

9 From J et R Selections

January 2008
Samples & Feeding Frenzies

December 2007
More Red Wings & Red Rhônes 2007:
New Wines from Perrin & Fils and More
Champagne Tablas Swan Zin (a real mixed bag of goodies)

November 2007
Red Wings, Red Rhônes & Other Delights

October 2007
  Dressner Does Day-Twah
The 2007 Geyser Peak Reserve Challenge

September 2007
  Old Friends & New Faces
17 Organic Wines From The Left Coast

August 2007
Six From Castello di Corbara
Chateau Grand Traverse: Where Riesling is King

July 2007
Bastille Day in Day-Twah
A Mess o' Reds

 Mr. Dan's Wild Ride

June 2007
More Red Wings and Red Rhônes 2007
Playoff Diary-Round 3

A Bunch O' Whites (& One Pinky)
 Left Foot Charley: A New Model For Michigan Wineries

May 2007
More Red Wings and Red Rhônes 2007
Playoff Diary-Round
Better Red Than Dead

April 2007
More Red Wings and Red Rhônes 2007
Playoff Diary-Round 1

The Wines of Cono Sur
More Red Wings and Red Rhônes 2007

March 2007
6 From Merriam Vineyards
Tasting Two Napa Wineries: Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars & Merryvale Vineyards

February 2007
Bubbles Galore
Tasting With Jim Lester
No Shiraz at Shiraz (this time...)

January 2007
Red Wings and Red Rhônes 2007
More Drawing of the Threes

December 2006
Spice Route, Fairview and Goats Galore
The Drawing of the Threes

November 2006
10 from Tablas Creek
Bubbles in October
6 From Stark-Condé
8 From Qupé

October 2006
Following Up With Fisher, Ladera and Schweiger

QPR All Stars: MAN Vintners & Marqués de Cáceres
12 From the Perrin Family
Harvest Images from Berthet-Rayne

September 2006
Wicked Couch & Spit
Bastardo's Best Buys (Or Wines That Don't Suck)
Not Just Flotsam and Jetsam

August 2006
Bastardo's Best Buys (Or Wines That Don't Suck)
More Wine With friends
Wines of Domaine Berthet-Rayne
Wine With Friends

July 2006
Warm Weather Whites, 2006
Home Alone in Day-Twah

June 2006
Following Up Part Deux

May 2006
Following Up
A Rosé By Any Other Name

April 2006
5 From Palm Bay
4 By Egelhoff

March 2006
10 Right Bank Clarets
More New Wines From Wyncroft

February 2006
Chabot Shabam!!!
All Pig Dinner at Five Lakes Grill

January 2006
Cassoulet-fest at Gang Central

December 2005
(Not Just) Flotsam and Jetsam
Some New World Clarets (and a single Sauvignon)

November 2005
Francophilia 2005

October, 2005
Wines by Gérard Bertrand
3 Grand Cru Champagnes (& a QPR Shiraz)

September, 2005
8 from Chehalem
6 from Thackrey
Imported by Louis/Dressner

August, 2005
We Get Samples
The Ridge Report

July, 2005
Whitney Fisher at La Dolce Vita
Roaming Goats & Roti Too
Waiter, may I have another glass of Kermit Lynch?

June, 2005
Rhônes sans Red Wings
Mixed Bag
Four Morels & Mo' Better Reds

May, 2005
Synchronicity: What's New at Groth Vineyards and Winery
al Vineyards: It's the Shiznit!
Tasting with Sally Schweiger

April, 2005
A Rarified Atmosphere Oz Shiraz Tasting
A Classic Little Offline
Warm Weather Whites: Chablis, M
âconnais & Rully
Not Just Flotsam & Jetsam

March, 2005
More Pinots on Parade
Giorgio Rivetti & the Wines of La Spinetta

February, 2005
A 6-Pack from Beringer
The Jarvis Blending Kit
95-Pointers at slapshot's

January, 2005
New Wines from Wyncroft
Panther Creek Redux
You Say Ripasso, I Say Ripassa...
Saturday Snapshots
5 From Thackrey

December, 2004
A Hattrick in Triple Overtime
A Quirky Vertical of Left Coast Cabs
Virtual Angwin
The Ridge Report and some other stuff...

November, 2004
Tasting Chappellet
Ladera Vineyards, A Rising Star in Napa
5 Panther Creek Pinots and some other stuff...

October, 2004
Burgess Does Day-twah
Tasting Qupé
  10 from Bodegas Aragonesas
Ah Appassimento, or Mostly Masi

September, 2004
Wines of Gaja at La Dolce Vita
A Fistful of Piedmonts & more...

August, 2004
Summer Whites
Pinot Centric 
A Left Coast Cab Ride

June, 2004
The Carlisle Report
The Ridge Report
A Small Parade of Pinot Noir & more...

May, 2004
Crossing the Rubicon with Mouton and Haut Brion
More Francophilia & more...

March, 2004
The Wines of Wyncroft
Francophilia & more...

January, 2004
Wines From Down Under
The Ridge Report
Report from Zinfinity & more...

November, 2003
The Drawing of the Threes & more...

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