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That Friday: 
A Meeting of Geezers 
(20 plus vintages of Ridge Geyserville)

That Saturday: 
Up the Creek with the 
Gang of Pour 
(60 or so bottlings from the 
York Creek Vineyard on 
Spring Mountain)

That Sunday: 
The Full Monte 
(20 vintages of Ridge Monte Bello)


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By George Heritier

Awesome has been a hackneyed term The Scribe - bare foot for years now, but if one considers its real meaning, then it certainly is applicable to the 3-day tasting that Allan Bree put together, with most of the wine coming from his own cellar. It may not have had quite the breadth of the famous Bipin Desai Ridge Retrospective tastings held on February 5-7, 1999, in the Los Angeles area, but it wasn’t all that far off. The two events had their comparative strengths, and Bree’s focus on the York Creek wines in particular made his unique. Being the kind of Gang that we are, there’s also something to be said for the laid back, informal nature of Bree’s tastings. I doubt they would have allowed me to attend the shindigs at Spago or Valentino in my bare feet, like I did at Russell and Victoria’s on Sunday. (Photo above left by Benjamin Luebbers) ©

Allan Bree cake photo by Benjamin Luebbers. ©
Russell Bevan cake photo by Kim Adams

There are many thanks to be given, and one has to start with Allan Bree himself, whose immense generosity made the whole thing possible. It would be an interesting exercise to calculate the current value of all the wines he opened during the weekend, if one had the inclination for such undertakings. He also organized the three days’ festivities, and he put up with Alan Kerr, Kim Adams and this taster for almost a week. The latter task alone is cause for admiration, if only in the case of Kerr and myself.

Thanks also go to the following people:

Jim and Barbara Richards, who hosted the York Creek tasting at their Paloma crush pad, which is not to be confused with a crash pad. The two have absolutely NOTHING in common!

Russell Bevan and Victoria DeCrecenzo, who opened their home for the Sunday tasting, housed some of the hard core wine geeks for the weekend. Russell, much like myself, was on his best behavior, so perhaps there’s hope for the world yet, eh?

Mike Ripley, who made a valuable contribution to the Friday and Saturday tastings with the older Geyservilles and York Creek bottlings that he opened.

Fritz Maytag, who brought along some old Ridge York Creek bottlings to the Saturday affair, as well as a number of his own recent York Creek Vineyard efforts.

Sandra Barros and John Allen Burtner who were unable to attend the tastings because they were in Mexico, but graciously offered the use of their home to the Gang on Saturday night in order to save us some driving time to Windsor the next day.

And finally, all of those who attended, not only for all of the great food, wine and friendship that was contributed, but also because it would have been a real drag if no one had showed up.

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