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Storyline: Larry Meehan

Kerr cookingAlan Kerr (left) was packing gas hot plates which came in handy come time to warm up Larry's delicious Beef Bourguignon.

Saturday afternoon quickly turned into night and before I could even consider taking a nap, it was time to start arranging the food for the nocturnal festivities. Beef Bourguignon, wild rice and the usual suspects (cheese, salads and spreads) made up the night's sustenance -- a good complement to the large sampling of "Odd Year" Cabs we tasted. A delicious hazelnut cake to celebrate the February birthdays (Diane, Moe, and me) was well received. "Ice-cream Man" Bob Graeter (who arrived Saturday afternoon) added some fantastic ice-cream sandwiches as well -- continuing the tradition of "Graeter excellence".

The night wound down with plenty of empty bottles, cigar smoke, synchronized swimming and prodigious chants. All seemed happy and satisfied. Whereas I'm usually one of the last to head off to bed, on this night I was wonderfully tired and slept the sleep of the contented.

Sunday morning found quite a few of us in the hotel dining room for breakfast. Though many had to be "on their way," it was hard to leave -- good people and good conversation are difficult to leave behind. With the appropriate hugs and kisses given and received we piled our belongings back into the car and headed toward Cleveland -- a bit tired, but feeling good inside.

Talking to Kim Adams (left) a week or so after the fact, she captured the essence of the weekend -- "This was one of the warmest wine events I have ever attended." The month of February can be very cold in the Midwest -- just not with this group.



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