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fter my report on the wines of Berthet-Rayne in August, I received an email from Dany & Christian Berthet-Rayne expressing their appreciation for the positive reviews that we presented. There then followed several emails in which Christian sent us a series of excellent photographs from the ongoing harvest in Chateauneuf du Pape, which are presented below. Please note that all photos are clickable, and link to considerably larger, more clearly defined images. Also included are excerpts from Christian’s emails that provide commentary on the images. Starting from the beginning:

The 13 legal varietals of Châteauneuf du Pape8/14/06: Dear George

We must say Dany and I are very proud to see that some one in a country so far from our estate could tell us: I enjoy your wines and I will present them to the people who like Châteauneuf du Pape. We read your presentation of Domaine Berthet-Rayne on the gangofpour web site and we must say it is something fabulous for us because it is always something great when people writing about the wine are happy about the quality of our production.

Beginning of next month, we are starting the harvest and we hope (for) a vintage like 2005. If you like, I will send you some pictures about the harvest in Châteauneuf du Pape next month, and I will tell you how it is working.

To which I replied:

Dear Dany and Christian,

First off, thank you for sending along the picture of the 13 Cepages poster! Perhaps we can find an opportunity to use it on a future Gang of Pour page. As for our page featuring Domaine Berthet-Rayne, it's not hard to say good things about such enjoyable and well made wines!  We'd love to see your harvest pictures, and to hear how things are going! Please "keep us in the loop," as we say here in the US!

And keep us in the loop they did:

9/11/06: Dear George

As I promise you, we start the harvest today and I want to send you some pictures (of) our first grapes we pick, grenache (blanc), roussane and bourboulenc.  We think that (it) will be a very good vintage, we will see but for the white Châteauneuf, no problems. The grapes are very ripe, nice color and (have) a fantastic taste, we have a perfect production and in a couple of weeks when we taste the white wine after fermentation, we hope (for) very much.

Grenache (blanc)
Grenache blanc

Tomorrow we will start with the red and in a few days, I will tell you if it is going well.

We hope very much to see you on the harvest in Châteauneuf du Pape, who knows, next year?

Very sincerely,
Dany & Christian


Harvest crew9/19/05: Dear George

We have started now to pick the red Châteauneuf du Pape after our Côtes du Rhône red harvest.

Everything is perfect and the quality is also there, a little bit windy: Mistral 40 Kms/ hour, good weather!!

You (will find) attached the grenache (rouge) we are picking now. Very busy and a lot of (work) and our Spanish crew (and Christian, upper left of center, wearing shorts) pictures.

grenache rouge

Sincerely, before the mourvedre picking, end of this week.




9/20/06: Today we have been (picking) the mourvedre, tomorrow will be the clairette.



Today it is very warm about 32 ° Centigrade, harvest are going on very well. The Spanish guys are drinking a lot of water, but it is Ok and everybody is happy!

Thank you very much and I will tell you about the end of harvest.


9/29/06: Dear George

We are at the end of 2006 harvest, and we can say we are very happy about all the grapes we have picked. Alcohol is very correct and also the acidity. The tannins are strong and a perfect color, we will see in about one week when the fermentation will be completed.

This week we picked the cuvée Cadiac, and I hope (for) something great!

Laure & MartialImage from our vineyard (Laure & Martial, daughter and her husband), the Mont Ventoux at the back of our Domaine.

Mont Ventoux


Best regards.

Many thanks to Dany & Christian Berthet-Rayne for sharing these terrific harvest images with us; we hope that our readers enjoy them as much as we do!

Reporting from Day-twah,



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