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At one point, well into the evening, The Director was sitting and chatting with Josh du Lac, and he stopped, surveyed the scene for a moment and commented, "You know, there’s a lot of love in this room."
R o a d  T o  G A N G  O F  P O U R
R o a d  T o  F L O W E R S  V i n e y a r d
R o a d  T o  J I M S O M A R E
R o a d  T o  R I D G E  V i n e y a r d s
R o a d T o H A N K H A R R I S M o n t e r e y
R o a d  T o  D E A  F R E I D  S o n o m a
R o a d  T o  B O B  W O O D  P o r t l a n d
R o a d  T o  C H E H A L E M  W i n e r y
R o a d  T o  B E L L E  P E N T E  W i n e r y
R o a d  T o  T A S T I N G  N O T E S


20 Jimsomares await their final fate


(I started with these, reasoning that that the Cabs would be bigger and show better, and guessed right…)

Jim Mather and Dave Janelle

From Left: Jim Mather and
Dave Janelle

1984 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 13.4 % alc.: Ruby garnet with cedar over cassis on the nose and subtle perfume. Flavors echo with added big red currant/black cherry and some tannins yet to resolve. Looong finish. Dave Janelle thought this a bit oxidized, and he may have been right.

1985 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 13.3 % alc.: The perfumed chocolate/red currant/secondary spice aromas of this ruby dark garnet really expand on the palate, but this doesn’t finish as long as the ’84. The Director noted some burnt sugar on the nose; I could see what she meant, but I liked it better than she did. DJ thought this one was oxidized too.

 1987 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 13.3 % alc.: Dark garnet with red currant and a hint o’ brett aromas that aren’t as exuberant as the last two. Very pretty red currant/raspberry flavors along with good acidity and some tannins yet, and no oxidation, according to Dave. Jeff Sullivan mentioned a tobacco nuance in this; I found it to be a pleasure to drink.

1988 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 14.9 % alc.: Back to the cedar overtone (and a little oxidation?) in this dark garnet’s nose, along with subtle chocolate/red fruit. The flavors are much more exuberant, with black cherry/raspberry/red currant, noticeable tannins and some heat on the finish.

1989 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 12.8 % alc.: Ruby garnet with a chocolate/mint/red fruit nose and a hint of brett. Weedy vegetal flavors aren’t particularly attractive.

1990 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 14.5 % alc.: Dark garnet, with slightly vegetal subtle burnt rubber aromas; not much fruit and no bouquet to speak of. Tannic red and black fruit flavors need time; slight hint of oxidation.


The head BBQ Boy, Bob Peterson & and his friend Kim

1991 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 13.1 % alc.: A bit of funk over chocolate/red fruit flavors and aromas; smooth acidity and not that tannic. So-so.

1992 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 14.8 % alc.: Slightly oxidized alcohol nose that follows through on the palate with sour cedar/red currant flavors. Not necessarily unpleasant, but…

1993 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 14.9 % alc.: Mmm, pretty chocolate/cherry/raspberry/vanilla bouquet; even some Draper perfume! Flavors echo nicely; typical of my impressions of ’93 Ridge Zins. One of the two best, along with the ’87.

1994 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel ATP; 13.4 % alc.: Subdued chocolate/red fruit nose; flavors echo, but seem flat. Again, typical of the vintage for Ridge.




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