There are 12 steps in making prosciutto and we went through step 7 in class today.  I will go back in two weeks to participate in 8-10.  In July, we meet again to party down at Fiorino's home, play Bocce Ball and unveil the proscuit!

1. Preparation
2. Buying the leg
3. Removing the socket bone
4. Trimming the leg
5. Draining the main vein
6. Packing in the salt
7. Setting
8. Pressing
9. Rinsing
10. Oiling and peppering
11. Aging
12. Slicing - party time


Homemade prosciutto for our snack

One of the legs

Cutting out the socket bone

The socket bone

Trimming the leg to make it roundish

Fiorino Vitale instructs me on the removal of the socket bone on my leg


Milking the blood or priming the pump?


Blood emerges and must be wiped away


Scoring the skin so that salt can enter faster

Shar and her meat!

Get that salt in there!

Shar and Kim have a salt fest

A little dab will do ya

We need some wine from Fiorino's home brew

Fiorino's celler

Learning how to slice a finished prosciut





Tenderloins curing in the celler

Prosciutto hanging in the cellar


Close up

We need more wine (note finished hams on floor)

Fiorino's wine is not bad!

Supper is served at 4:30 PM

Thank you!!!!